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Anonymous asked:

I've been in an LDR for four years(because of school). He has cheated on me, lied to me, kept secrets that should not be kept between couples. The breaking point came when he watched several shows without me, because being this far away, the only we can actually bond is watching shows together. It's painful to remember, but I still love him. When he proposed, I said yes, but it's hard to forget things like that. At least we'd be together.

I really really feel your pain anon… if you go to my tumblr and view the My Journey part… you can read about some of the shit I’ve gone through with my boyfriend. I’ve known him for almost 13 years, so we’ve had A LOT of arguments, fights, wars… but at the end of the day…

Yes, I love him. Eternally. With every fiber of my being. So much so, that as long as I know he loves me and wants to be with me, I can withstand all of the struggles and hardships that come along with that.

But that doesn’t mean I forget about all the shitty things he did to me in the past. I remember. Vividly. Some of those things make me have nightmares. It’s crummy. My little tidbit of advice would be…

Don’t let those past disappointments be the cause of new ones. Address your concerns, talk to him about them, and try to make sure they don’t happen again. If he loves you, which I’m sure he does if he proposed, he should be willing to work with you to make BOTH of you happy.

And I’m proud of you… for sticking through with your decision, for knowing what you want, and for being strong. It’s hard to walk away, but it’s hard to stay knowing the troubles you’ll face, too.

I’m here for you anon. <3

Anyone else have a hell of a time leaving after a visit?

I do. I love first showing up. How happy he is. I love that first hug, that first kiss, that first few minutes of just taking all of him into all of my senses: his eyes, his scent, his voice, shoot…even his height— I always seem to forget how small I am in comparison to him.

The first day, the first night, is always my favorite…

And the last day is my least favorite. I hate leaving. I hate to see that boy cry, and we ALWAYS cry. I hate that last hug, that last kiss, and it’s so hard after hearing him and others ask me, “Why don’t you just stay?”

This visit has been the hardest in that case. He’s coming into his own. The more he can support me, the more he asks me why I don’t just come to live with him… and it gets harder and harder to leave.

Anyone else have a hard time with leaving?