Hello my Loves

It has really been so long…

 I made a promise to myself and also to him that if we broke up again it would be the last. I took my younger brother to visit before our camping trip at Olympic National Park. It was a 13 hour drive. 

Seeing him was heaven, as it always is…everything felt right. I got to lay with him in my arms. We had been fighting for months… and I didn’t feel reassured about anything. He was clubbing, the girls around him, he never took the initiative to Skype with me, call me, or text me.

It was endless… but being with him, I was happy.

Till I went through his phone and saw that he had been skyping and texting and snap chatting other girls, and most certainly not in a friend way. He was constantly flirting with his best friend’s wife, and his ex girlfriends. 

And I just had enough. I called him out on it…and he made no excuse. He just accepted it… even when I asked if he wanted to work things out, he told me he needed space, that he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship.

I got cheated on and he dumped me.

He was supposed to go camping with my brother and I. Instead, my brother and I went alone, I was miserable because I had been dumped, and angry that he affected me enough that I felt it was ruining my brother’s trip.

That was it. So much shit. So much crying. So much pain. 

In the end, after two months of cutting him off completely (deleting all of his friends and him out of my life), I have come to despise him as a boyfriend. I don’t trust anything in my memories because of how we ended. I am moving on. I am never going back to him.

It hurt, like a fucking chainsaw in my chest, but I’m alive… I drowned myself in school and clubs at college…and he recently texted me again. As my childhood friend, we talk…we are like acquaintances now.

But, to be honest, I feel bad for him. He has lost out on the one person who knew him, would forgive him for anything, would have done anything for him, would have been there for him through anything, and he betrayed all of that. And he let me go. 

I wish him all the best.

But I deserve so so so much better than that.

Where To Vacation?

I have a huge vacation coming up from the 9th of July till like the 24th. Where are some good places to go?

I’d like to see my babe in Seattle, of course, except he’s going to be on a roadtrip with family out to California and he doesn’t really know when they’ll be returning. So…. should I go to Seattle and find other things to do till he comes back? Or hit somewhere else, like Phoenix, or San Diego, or Denver?

I’d like to make new friends. Any followers out there want to meet me? I swear I’m harmless… private message me if that’s easier. :P

Love you all!

No Taylor…you don’t know what you’re asking for…
Girls like that get hurt.

No Taylor…you don’t know what you’re asking for…
Girls like that get hurt.