Where To Vacation?

I have a huge vacation coming up from the 9th of July till like the 24th. Where are some good places to go?

I’d like to see my babe in Seattle, of course, except he’s going to be on a roadtrip with family out to California and he doesn’t really know when they’ll be returning. So…. should I go to Seattle and find other things to do till he comes back? Or hit somewhere else, like Phoenix, or San Diego, or Denver?

I’d like to make new friends. Any followers out there want to meet me? I swear I’m harmless… private message me if that’s easier. :P

Love you all!

No Taylor…you don’t know what you’re asking for…
Girls like that get hurt.

No Taylor…you don’t know what you’re asking for…
Girls like that get hurt.

Help Me.


Names and faces have been taken out for the privacy of people….

But I’ll have you know ‘SHE’ is a friend of my boyfriend’s, and HE is my boyfriend. He has not told me anything about ever seeing or talking to this girl, and there wasn’t even the slightest mention that anyone was over at this house at 4am. I had a nightmare, and even though we aren’t friends on facebook, I found this…and it made me sick.

I know what the situation probably was. She’s a friend of his. It also said she was in immense pain. She probably went over to his place when she was in shambles, and he let her take some dabs of rolled her a blunt or whatever, to help with her pain. I feel that nothing happened, but the issue is that he DIDN’T TELL ME. And THIS is the result of that. Me freaking out because he didn’t tell me. Why it matters, is cause he holds me to the standard of telling HIM everything. I feel this is something that definitely should’ve been told, so a situation like THIS wouldn’t have happened.

Followers, please help me to see this in perspective. As his girlfriend, and someone who has been hurt by him before, I’m pissed off as all hell. Please give me your opinions on how you would react, if I’m overreacting, if I’m UNDERreacting.

I told him we have to talk, and I asked point blank why he didn’t tell me there was a girl at his house at 4am.

Please help me stay calm…I’m one step away from a total breakdown.

What do you think?